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Mustache Obsession

mustacheWhy is everyone so obsessed with mustaches lately,

Frida Kahlo self-portrait

Frida Kahlo self-portrait

even women? I remember not too long ago it used to be
seen as a lack of grooming.

The only woman who could rock her mustache was this lady :

The incredible Frida Kahlo, but now, there has been a popular trend to mustache everything, including: pets, cars, accessories, and even food.

Mustache for cars

Mustache for car

After doing some research, according to Deseret News, the trend faded for some decades but then it came back in 2010 after the U.S. depression. During 2010, people were trying to find ways to amuse themselves after most of the country was in a financial (and therefore emotional) depression. That year tattooing mustaches on your fingers to amuse your friends was a big trend.

finger mustache tattoo

finger mustache tattoo

After that, it just became a marketing thing. Marketers took advantage of the popularity mustaches already had and started putting them everywhere: mugs, shirts and on what I already mentioned above.

And if you still don’t believe that some people are crazy about ’em check this page The American Mustache Institute. It is very hard to tell if it is real or not because their webpage actually looks legit.

Their content is written in such a serious Mustache Style Guideway it makes you wonder if they are really that passionate about mustaches or if it is someone making fun of passionate people. Either way you should check it out, they even have a “Mustache style guide.”

And of course, watch this video. I hope you are not tired of the Mustache, Gangnam style, and Harlem shake trends because this video is all inclusive:

Lastly…Vote for your favorite mustache!!

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